July 27, 1941

Sun. 8:30 P.M. July 27

Dear Folks:

                Well heah ah is down in North Carolina after 2 weary & filthy days on the train. We left the St. Paul depot at 9:00 P.M. Thurs. eve & arrived at Fayetteville N.C. at 7 P.M. Sat. nite. We stopped at every jerkwater on the way down, but we only stopped twice long enough to leave the train- ¾ of an hour in Chicago & ½ hour in Pittsburg. The cars were not air-conditioned so we had to have the windows open all the way & did we eat soot. The Fort is 10 miles from Fayetteville & is it large-122,000 acres-75,000 men-14 miles wide & 35 miles long. I think I’ll like it for all the officers seem quite friendly. Chow here is not as good as at Snelling but we’ve only been here one day so it’s a bit early to judge. As yet we haven’t been assigned our permanent barracks so I’ll have to send you my address later. Hope you had a nice rest.

Love Dorance

Christian Olsen