July 29, 1941


Tues. 8:00 P.M. July 29

Dear Folks:

                Please excuse the dinky card but I promise to write a real letter tomorrow night. Tonight I’m so tired that I’m going to hit the hay early. They drilled us all day today in the hot sun & it took a lot out of me. The sun has been blazing continually since Sun. & its really hot. Don’t know what the exact temperature is but it’s a dry heat and we boys from the north are suffering. I know my permanent address now so here it is. And boy am I in need of some letters from home. I wish I was there. I’ll write tomorrow until then goodby.

Pvt. Dorance Alquist

Btry A - 8th Bn. – 3rd Regt. F.A.R.C.

Fort Bragg, North Carolina

Christian Olsen