July 24, 1941

Thurs. 6:45P.M.

Dear Mom & Pop:

                Isn’t it hot. I’ll bet you bask in the lake all day up there. Confidentially we’re sweating manly sweat here in the barracks. It’s too hot & dangerous to drill in this weather so we’ve been taking it easy. Well here’s the big news – Remember I told you about Coll’s going to Ft. Bragg, N. Carolina Wed. eve, well I’m leaving at 7:30 this eve for the same spot. –Isn’t that a stroke of luck? All the fellows I’ve made friends with here are going with me so I’m really happy about the whole thing. I don’t know much about the Fort down there except that its Field Artillery-its very large-its hot in the day & cool at night-its about 60 miles from the coast. I’ll write when I get there.

Pvt. Dorance

Christian Olsen