July 22, 1941

Dear Folks:

                Tues. eve-and I’m still here at Snelling. A half an hour ago I just finished the most grueling day yet. 14 straight hours on K.P. duty. Coll was on too. We had to arise at 4:30 & weren’t thru until 6:30, and was it hot in that mess hall! It was the warmest day we’ve had out here. 7 of us served 180 men, 3 meals. I’m all alone here tonight-it was too late to go in after we finished in the kitchen. Coll, however, went in to say goodby to Ardell & his folks because he’s leaving in the morning for Fort Bragg-North Carolina-a Field Artillery outfit. I hate to see him go. Funny I haven’t got notice yet-I wonder what they have on the fire for me. Maybe I’ll still be here when you get back. Hope so. Hope you’re having a swell time. Lots of love. & good fishing.

                Pvt. Dip

Christian Olsen