Air Mail From Dip...

My grandpa Dorance “Dip” Alquist kept a box in his attic for over 70 years that contained his entire experience as a soldier during World War II.

Hello and welcome to Air Mail From Dip.

He was inducted on this day, July 17th , in 1941. While his family was vacationing on Gull Lake in Brainerd, MN, he was reporting for duty at Fort Snelling in Minneapolis. As he got acclimated to Army life he began to write notes and letters to his family. He dutifully wrote home once or twice a week throughout the war and took photographs with his new Rolleicord camera along the way. This project will bring you along with his journey in real-time over the next 4 ½ years. You will receive letters in your inbox as if it was 1941 and your son had just been inducted into the Army. You will be able to see photographs when they get sent home and learn about his travels. Together we will join him in love, loss, struggles and victories.

The first letter arrives July 22, so be sure to subscribe and follow along with the journey. Join at, Apple podcasts: Air Mail From Dip and Instagram @airmailfromdip.

This project is created by me, Christian Olsen, with audio production by my brother Eric at Olsen Media.

Christian Olsen