September 26, 1943


Dear Mom & Dad: We landed yesterday right on the scheduled hour. I’m on an island in the S.W. Pacific – can’t say which one. We are still in a Repl. Dept. so expect to move again shortly. Things are not too comfortable here – tents, cots, candle light & that sort of thing, but I’ll get along: Reminds me of old scouting days. Weather is perfect & the island is very beautiful. Climbed a palm tree today & brought down a coconut – there are lots of them here. I also took a dip in the ocean which is only ½ mile from our camp. These waters are all shark infested so we have to watch our step. Had 7 letters waiting for me when I got here – it was like finding gold. The two you wrote on the 7th & the 10th were amongst ‘em; also two from Nancy (ahem). Here’s more: Lee is on the island! I had a V-mail from him that was not photo’d so I knew he was close. I inquired where he was & then went to see him. Took all afternoon to find his outfit – it’s about 20 miles away. He surely was surprised to see us (Loper was with me – we’re bunk mates again). Lee has been here 3 months & is here to stay – at least for awhile. He treated us to a cold beer & fed us supper. Micky will call you soon & let you in on the whole story. Hope you didn’t get too anxious about me. Don’t worry – I’m O.K. Just keep the news a coming. Good Night

Love, Dorance

Christian Olsen