September 29, 1943


South Pacific

Sept. 29, 1943

Dear Mom & Dad:

Am still here on the island where we landed a few days ago. Am gradually getting used to this “real army” life. Seems a little rough at first but not so bad later.

Haven’t had any more mail since that 1st batch but am expecting another haul any day now. Have been writing quite a few letters now while I have a chance. Will be making another move soon so I might not be able to write for a few days. Don’t worry tho – I’ll keep em coming when I can.

Took in a movie last night here in camp – Crystal Ball with Millard & Goddard. We have a large outdoor deal where they show the pictures as soon as its dark enough. Admission is free. Movies certainly are a wonderful moral booster. You can completely forget all your troubles for a couple of hours & feel as though you’re right back there in the states.

Just a couple more days & payday again rolls around. I now draw 10% of my base pay ($150) in addition for overseas duty. I boarded the boat with $52 & now have about $58 so I expect to send home at least $100 after I’m payed. I’ll send it there & Daddy can bank it for me. Wonder how my account looks now? Let me know from time to time. I ought to be able to do some fancy salting now without a Frisco just 40 miles away.

Am now going swimming for an hour or two – it’s the best way around here for getting clean. Say hello to everyone. G’bye!

Love, Dorance

Christian Olsen