February 8, 1943 (Rolie & Dot)


February 8, 1943

Monday night

Dear Dip,

I wasn’t going to write you tonight, not that I shouldn’t but I knew I wouldn’t sleep until I had. You seem to have been heckling me for some reason the past couple of days. (and of course many long before that.)

Anymore I can’t say to myself “now who owed me letters?” The reverse is true “how many more do I owe?” I haven’t lost any sleep over it because I haven’t had time.


I received the pictures you sent. Very good and much appreciated. Only one thing. The one of us two in the canoe had effects on me.


If I ever wanted to get home it was when I saw that. It could have been a beautiful girl and I would have been content (oh yeah) to stay where I am but that outdoors must be in my blood. Let’s do it all over when we get back. That is if you haven’t built up a family before I get there. That reminds me of you saying Swany still doesn’t owe you that dollar. Very good. If you’d have been some of the places I have and taken the road some of the boys have you would be rich on “a dollar each time” basis. However these boys as a rule got nothing in return other than restrictions and medications. Personally I can’t see it, not that I have been any goody goody. My best answer is that I just don’t have the time.

I am expecting a change before very long. Some time ago I had expected to be home shortly but another change made its way. In many ways the latter is for the better as I won’t be attached to a ship. I can plant my feet on solid ground and make them stay there. That in itself is worth more to me than just going home. The location will be slightly different but not by much.

I understand that Swany is now perhaps in Africa along with Coll & Jones. I’m sure plugging for the boys in there as they have no bed of roses.  Wouldn’t be a bit surprised but what I passed their transports several times but have no way of knowing whether they are on board or not. It would be great to meet some of them here.

By now you have perhaps started your O.T.C. or are taking the preliminaries. A nice break and I surely am glad to hear you are taking advantage of it. By the way you’re kind of passing up the old man’s record aren’t you? Still that won’t make him feel bad, rather proud. Best of luck to you Dip, when you get to it drop me a line enclosing your new handle.

I too have done some studying the past several months. Took four exams last month. The first of this month I came up a notch. About as far as I can go for I don’t have enough time in for other advancements. However, I’ll be satisfied if I can get on the beach.

Dick Bennis was home over New Years and told me the same story about Mpls. Don’t feel that I’m missing too much by not going back now. After the war will be soon enough. Then I can stay a while.

Well butch, the jinx is up or rather I’m going to bed. I’ll sleep much better now that I know this letter is written.

Write when you get time from you studies.

Pal, Rolie

P.S. Thanks for the Xmas card


Feb 8, 1943

Dear Dorance –

Long time no write, eh? I’ve been so darn busy I don’t know whether I’m a-comin’ or a-goin’.

Course you know we’ve moved again – this time into our own home. We’re anxious to have you come home and down here for a nice long weekend.

We’re so comfy here – we hope the draft won’t catch up to us. Arlo is still 3A. And is suppose to be essential to Hormel’s but who can be sure of anything these days.

It’s funny, but we haven’t noticed a particular shortage of anything here in A[ustin] as yet. Eileen writes that they can’t get enough food together at one time to have guests for dinner. Being in Calif. In this day & age is no picnic in any sense of the word, I guess. Mr. Jordan sent his brother out there a couple of lbs. of butter last week. Do you have butter every day?

I wish you could see Nancy at this stage of development. (10 mos.) She creeps from one end of the house to the other – spends most of her time, however, at my heels! Babbles all the time sounds just like a pile of questions.

Solveig and Don Langley, who is a Cpl. at Ft. Snelling, were down last weekend. Wish you could have come too. We had a few drinks Sat. nite and of course I whipped up some rolls for Sun. dinner. Desserts are getting slim around here but we can always fill up on several rolls.

How do you like Ft. Sill and the country around there. Mrs. Meseck, a crepehanger from the word “go” said that you’d just hate it down there – she claims to have lived there.

‘Spose you heard about Virginia getting a diamond from that “Bud”. I hope he has improved since I saw him last – I always thought he was kindofa pill. Didn’t you?

If you have time drop me a postcard, eh?

Love, Dot

Did you hear about the moron who [went] to visit his girl and she didn’t have any clothes on. The next time he went to visit her (9 mos later) she had a little moron.

Christian Olsen