February 3, 1943 (Edna Alquist)


Feb. 3, 1943

Dear Dorance

Read your most interesting letter today, also the money you sent which was O.K. enough. Seems as if the mail from there to here makes better time than from Ft. Bragg. How about from here to there. By the way I made an attempt to send you a little joke and bungled it, just like me. It should have read “The girl gave the sailors wine because she wanted a little port in every sweetheart.” You probably guessed what I tried to get across.

How come Wheeler & Cook didn’t come down same time as you did? Thought they were with you all the time. In your last letter you wrote about “we” when you told about your trip. Who were “we”? Some other fellows from Candidate class, I spose. There I go, answering my own questions again.

What kind of clothes were issued to you? Just wondered! Looks as if you needed sox by the condition of the ones you sent home.

That “grease monkey” course ought to help you a lot later when you have a car again. You’ll know something about the inside of a car. By the way one of Rev. Tanner Thompson sons have got your little run about now. I’m sure of it. Have seen it parked in front of their home several times.

Glad to hear the food is good and that you are getting good nights of sleep. Less than 7 ½ hrs though, is that enough? How about butter & milk? Meat? Coffee?

You did a very nice job on your album. We enjoyed looking it over again. Janille’s birthday the 6th of Feb, so spose will have a birthday party Saturday evening. It’s pretty late 11:05 or 23:05 (still go by that time?) so will say good-night.

Love, Mother.

Christian Olsen