October 21, 1943


S.W. Pacific

Oct. 21, 1943

Dear Mom & Dad:

Guess it has been almost a week now since I last wrote you. Well the reason is that I’ve just been too busy. Have been moving around some & have finally joined an outfit.

I’m in the 8th F.A. Battalion – C battery – it’s an old army outfit & a crack one. They have seen a good deal of action here in the S.W. Pacific & have been highly commended for their work. In fact they’ve been together so long & have done so much together that it’s going to be a tough job for me to “get in.” However I’m going to try my darndest & pray for the breaks. I’ll need the latter ‘cuz I sure have forgotten a lot of F.A. since my “vacation” in California. Today I was made Btry. Motor Officer & also Asst. Executive so you see my troubles have begun.


Finally I have received most of my mail – got about 10 letters. I had one air mail & 2 V-mails form you none of which mentioned that my letters had been received yet. I hope they’ve been getting to you all right. The first one should be that mammoth log I wrote while aboard the Harris. Boy – was I surprised to hear about Virginia’s getting married! I had no idea that she was even considering such a drastic move. You didn’t mention this Bud’s last name – if I’m s’posed to know it I’ve forgotten so you better let me in on it once again.

Yes, I can read your V-mails all right – better let me know the same. They tell me here that air-mail is a little faster than V-mail so I guess I’ll stick to this type of letter.

I don’t think I’ll be needing anything out of that footlocker but if I do I’ll let you know.

It’s taken me well over an hour to write this – I’m just not in the mood & there’s too many interruptions. I’ll close now & write later.

Love, Dorance

Christian Olsen