October 14, 1943


*Offensive language warning*

S.W. Pacific

Oct. 14, 1943

Dear Mom & Dad:

This morning before it gets too hot here I’m going to get ambitious & write a few letters. It’s impossible to do it later in the day cuz the perspiration soaks the paper. These big tents we’re living in are like ovens.

Still feel fine – good appetite & all that but a little lazy from the tropical climate. S’pose it’ll take a little while to really get used to it.

We’ve had a few air raids here. I can’t tell you anything of the results but don’t worry about me. When the Japs are overhead only a mole could find me because I have a very cozy fox hole just outside the tent. Those yellow so & so’s couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn with a handful of rice anyway so I spect I’m pretty safe.

None of us have had any mail yet so one of these days when it does come thru I’m going to really have entertainment for a couple of hours at least.


Before I forget it – note my new APO on the envelope (#453) No doubt it will change again in the near future.

Yesterday I met one of the boys who graduated with me from Ft. Sill. He is stationed here on the island during a rest period. He has just come back from the Munda campaign & from what he says about the artillery, they did a great job up there. According to him they had hardly any casualties so that is encouraging. He drove us all over the island showing us pts. Of interest & then treated us to dinner at his outfit. He also took all my laundry & is having it done for me. It was indeed a lucky meeting.

I’m sending home some clothes I won’t be needing, in a wooden crate. It’s all paid for & insured – just check & see if it’s all there. 1 blouse, 1 pr pinks, 1 pr greens, 1 pr wool socks, 1 wool shirt, 2 wool underwear tops. I’m saving all that stuff for the victory parade. You probably won’t get it for a month or two so don’t be concerned.

Now I’ll say g’by till I write again. Hello to everyone. Miss you all very much.

Love, Dorance

Christian Olsen