January 20, 1943 (Marion Sneen)


Jan. 20, 1943

Hi Dippy!

How’s school coming along? Let me hear all about it if you have time, Dip.

Well, we’re here now, right in the heart of Hollywood. Been here only two days, but we’ve been so busy every minute it seems like weeks.

Oh yes, Dippy, you should have seen my grand entrance into Hollywood. We took a taxi right downtown where Jean Hakanson (girl we’re staying with) works and as I stepped from the taxi, laden with packages, the bottom of my hat box fell completely “out” and there we stood, laughing our souls out. So we picked them up, and was no worse for the experience.

Yesterday, we ate lunch at the Brown Derby (very reasonable prices too) We saw Rudy Vallee, Geo. Burns and Jackie Cooper there. Oh yes, we met Likk [Marian Lueck] & she ate with us too. Was swell seeing some of the kids again.

Did you hear Ginny Simm’s program or Mary Astor’s?  Last night? We were there. Guess we were lucky to get tickets. Gosh! And was Ginny ever pretty, Dip. She sang “Ave Maria”, one of my favorites. Guess maybe she knew I was there, huh? D’ya ‘spose?

When we came in the studio I expected to see a big glass window between performers & audience but it wasn’t like that at all. It was just like a little bit of a show house. (Only, quite a change in interior decorations) When Ginny went off the air, Eddie Cantor was in the studio as he came out & sang and fooled around. He certainly is the showman I expected him to be. Really! The entire show was perfect.

We saw Mary Astor’s show later on and she had four newcomers on. (Sort of a contest) One baritone, a soprano, a tin whistler (who was super, I thought) and the winner was a very pretty girl who sang ‘your song.’ “I Had the Craziest Dreams.” All in all, our trip has been so dog-gone eventful, it would take me hours to write everything, Dip. So I’ll let it go at that for now.

Oh yes, we’re going to visit Dorothy (Stensrud) Blanke this weekend, from Fri. until Monday. Then we have to look for work when we return.

Thanks so much for the snapshot, Dip. I certainly do like it. And as soon as we take pictures, today maybe, I’ll rush one out to you. Is that O.K.?

Say, I better help Mrs. Hakanson a little before we go down town, so I’ll be a writin’ ya.

Bye for now,

Good Luck in School –



P.S. Write

c/o Jean Hakanson

1339 ½ No. La Brea

Hollywood, Calif.

Christian Olsen