January 18, 1943


Ft. Bragg, N.C.

January 18, 1942

Dear Mom & Dad:

Well by now I guess you’ve received my telegram which I sent yesterday & know that I’m on my was to Sill –

Finished up with O.C.S. school here Saturday & what a month it was. It’s nice to have it in back of me altho I know the really rough waves are yet to be ridden. We were all presented with diplomas Saturday at graduation. The General gave a short address & did the honors in presenting them. Wheeler & King who were going to school with me are also leaving for Sill. King didn’t get a diploma but he’s getting a crack at Ft. Sill anyway because his marks were right on the borderline. Pretty lucky.


Surely have learned a lot during that grueling month. I never studied that hard before in all my life. The last week of school was a nightmare – so many final exams. Last Thursday was the climax – we had 7 straight hours of final examinations & then 2 fast hours of Metro-message which is about the most involved thing imaginable – it has to do with the effect certain elements of the weather have on the flight of the projectile such as wind, powder temperature, density, humidity, etc. Metro-mess.

This weekend Jimmie Wheeler’s gal came down to visit him & brought a friend along for me, so we’ve been showing them the town of Fayetteville. The only excitement we could find was a show – this really is a punk town as I guess I’ve said a couple time before. Glad I’m getting away from it.

I’m looking forward to the trip to Sill. I’ve been here at Bragg for a year & a half now & getting just a little tired of it all. I can use a change of scenery. Too bad Jones isn’t still there now so we could get together. I had a letter from Lentoni last week. He’s still at Sill you know – teaching Gunnery. If I need help on the subject I certainly can get it there. I’m anxious to see how the lad looks in the gold bars.

I’m going to do some packing tomorrow & will be sending home a big box of junk that I’ve accumulated in the last year & a half. Will probably send it R.R. Express. By the way, that suitcase you gave me for Xmas is certainly going to  come in handy now.

Don’t worry about those War Bond receipts – I hear that nobody has received any yet. The money is being taken right out of my pay each month so I know I have the bonds. Took it out last May - $6.25 a month – should have about 3 $25 bonds now.

I certainly was interested to hear that Jones & Coll got together over there in England – isn’t that one of the seven wonders or sumptin. What if one of us at one of our Kins meetings had predicted that those two would be chatting over a cup of tea in London in ’43. What a world shrinking war this is turning out to be.

And Swany down there in the East Indies or So. America or somewhere, dancing around with the native gals. Sounds as if ol’ Swany is doing all right for himself.

Well I guess I said enough for this time – longest letter I’ve written for a long while. Don’t know what class I’ll be in or what my address will be so you’d better not write again ‘till you hear from me. I’ll slip you a letter when I get to Sill & maybe a card enroute. Until then so long. And love.


Christian Olsen