July 31, 1942


July 31, 1942

Dear Mom & Dad:

Well now this is a revelation – here am I – working? No! Actually writing a letter during duty hours. It’s the first time I’ve done this in many months. The reason I have some spare time is that the Off. Section is definitely on-the-ball. We (Biven & myself) are all caught up with our work at last. We really pull together like a team & get out a lot of work – at this rate we may get time every so often to do some corresponding.

You certainly came thru with a long letter this time I must congratulate you – enjoyed all the news. That was a great picture of daddy & Mr. Jordan (I’m enclosing it in this letter). I showed it around to all the boys here & they all guessed which one was Alquist, Sr. with out my telling them. Must be a spittin’ image. Master Sarg. Bowles said it looked like a typical group of good old Minnesota beer-drinkers. He was stationed at Snelling once many yrs. ago.

Had a letter from Elaine too today. She also told me about Alines marriage to the Lieut. She said she wasn’t at the wedding & by her tone I gather she doesn’t waste any love on the Smith family. Understand the M’haha Cong. Church is putting on the dog these days with a new organ. Elaine seemed to be very tickled about being able to play it. She says she’s all set to play for my trek up the aisle. Tell her she’ll have to look around for something nice for me to trek with. The army has definitely got me behind the 8 ball as far as “Yankee” gals are concerned. She also mentioned the swell time she had in Austin. Said she managed to spoil Nancy a little more.


George & I went to Wrightsville beach last weekend & soaked up a little saltwater & sunshine. We both came back with a little sunburn which by now has turned to tan. Only my face peeled – legs & back turned brown. We’re going again tomorrow. Last weekend we were picked up just outside Fayetteville by a Sarg. – we shared expenses with him to the ocean & back again. This week we made connections with the same fellow & he’s going to pick us up. He has a 5 passenger 42 Olds with automatic shift so were really riding in style & comfort.

Got payed today so I’ll be sending home a money-order as soon as I can get to the post office. Seems nice to have money again.

Pardon the scribbling – for some reason I can’t make my hand behave – in too much of a hurry I guess.

I’ll end now while you can still make it out. Write again soon. So long,

Love, Dorance

Christian Olsen