July 21, 1942

July 21, 1942

Dear Mom & Dad:

Just received two letters from you today – one mailed from Akeley on the 11th & the other from Mpls. on the 20th. The one from Akeley certainly must have laid in some hick post-office for a while because 9 day service is not speedy.

This Moore Springs must be an ideal spot judging by your letter & the folder. I feel cheated cuz I couldn’t be along on that one. Who were the final champions in the shuffle-board games? You said Elmer & Esther had the upper hand – oh well I guess you probably shipped them in bridge to even things up. Glad to hear the fishing was so good – I know that meant a lot to Daddy & Elmer. By the way did you swim much. It looks like a fine beach on the folder that’s where I’d have spent most of my time.

I’m glad to hear you got my money order & thanx for fixing up my insurances. I’ve been thinking seriously of putting that $300 into War Bonds. I think it would be wise because it pays on the average of 2.9% - that’s better than any bank & besides it would help Uncle Sam buy a shell or two. Next time I get home on furlough I’ll take care of that. Don’t know when that “next time” will be.


Today we got quite a break around here – an order came thru from Hdqs. FARC to the effect that we are allowed to dispense with our neckties during duty hours & can wear our collars open at the neck. It may sound like a trifle but in this intense hear it really makes a difference. I’ve never perspired so much as during this last two weeks, we have to keep up on our salt pills to keep any life at all. They are supplied at every meal (on the table just like sugar & butter, etc.), & are handy at every drinking fountain. The temperature during the day’s hotter hours hovers right around the 100° mark.

Another piece of news – we of the Replacement Center all have to have our hair cut down to an inch & a half or less per Gen. Cubbison’s orders. I’m going to have mine sheared off tomorrow night. I guess that’ll be the end of my social activities. The gals won’t give me a second look from tomorrow on.

Well – that’s all for now – I’ll write & let you know how it looks – I’ll take some pictures too. So long. Is Daddy still around? Haven’t heard from him.

Love, Dorance

Christian Olsen