May 3, 1943 (Marion Sneen)



Dear Dip –

Sure I forgive you and I’ll keep on forgiving you until you finish school. Are you coming down the “home stretch” about this time? (You dope!, Marion, Doncha remember, April 29th?) Well, good luck, Dip, boy would I be happy to see you in California. There are so many beautiful things to see in this hyar place you’d love it. We could play golf too. ‘Cause Mom sent all my clubs out.

Played yesterday with Likk and two other girls. The courses aren’t as nice out here. They’re already starting to dry out and the grass is slippery as straw without regular golf shoes, but we can’t be too fussy the weather is ideal for golf, it’s not too warm as yet. So you better hurry out here, eh?

Glen Grey is now playing at the Palladium, Freddy Martin at the Grove, Ozzie Nelson at the Biltmore and Harry James is hoppin’ around. (I’m not bragging, Dip, just read the papers).

Take your pick! Harry James? Me too.

Easter 1943 Hollywood 1.jpg
Easter 1943 Hollywood 2.jpg
Easter 1943 Hollywood 3.jpg

‘Spose you know Likk is planning on leaving the last part of May. She’s going down to see Dick and then on up to Mpls. for her youngest sister’s wedding, then on to Texas again for her own wedding. Sometime in July I guess.

Vi left us last Wednesday to live with Lloyd in Roswell, New Mexico. So now La Verne Smith and I have a single apartment. It’s more danged fun, eating peanut butter & bread. Yup, we’re really broke. Two of our girlfriends have an apartment right above us and that’s the how come we were able to get this one.

Boarding houses are thumbs down as far as I’m concerned. It’s really quite difficult to remain “neutral.” Seems if the girls have clans and carry on secretive feuds behind each other’s backs. (Boy, are my ears burning.)

Our new address is 362 Loma Dr., Los Angeles. Phone No. upstairs Exposition0873.


I’ll meet you at the station.

Be seeing ya,

Well ---

Be hopin’ be seein’ you

Bye for now,


P.S. All La Verne’s pink paper was gone. (shame)

Christian Olsen