March 6, 1943 (Dorothy Jordan and Ralph Peterson)


Sat. afternoon

Dear Brother Dorance,

So sorry to hear that your Birthday found you in the Hospital – maybe it was a welcome rest from the ordeal of becoming an Officer Lt. in the Army of the Good old U. S. A.

We’ll be glad when your not a Sergeant (Sargeant, Sargent) anymore because neither of us can spell it – as you probably have noticed. (Who knows maybe we’ll have the same trouble with Lieutenant.) Better simplify the spelling by becoming a Captain, Major or a Kernel.

Nancy is on the verge of becoming a “Toddler”. She stands alone and tries to take a step but falls on face. It’s about time she was walking, she’s now 11 mos. We’re going to take some snapshots of her in her fancy sled that Arlo made and also of the house this afternoon. We’ll send you some.

Greet your friend Lt. Lentoni for me – he sounds like one of “the boys” with his “Hi, Dot!” Tell him he can sit in our living room and shoot the bull with the rest of the kins, when the lights come on again – all over the world.

Guess I’d better clean up the lunch dishes before the hash drys on.

Love, Dot.


March 6-43

Sat. noon

Hi Buddy,

Well I received a letter from your mother but none from you. I imagine she has told you all about it by now. None of the fellas outside of you and Bud Werdick and Rollie very often write this kinsman. But, I imagine they are about as busy as I am.

Am sure glad all you fellas are making rates in the service. Imagine Swanny is pretty proud of those silver wings on his uniform.

Even if I don’t make anything of myself, at least I’m proud of my pals that do. I guess maybe I should have waited and let them draft me also, and maybe I could get a rate, but this Marine Corp is the hardest to get rates in anyhow.

Vivian Carlson drops me a line once in a while and lets me in on all the dope about you fellas and where everyone is. I guess just about all of us are in by now.

I hope that we all can go out on one hell of a bender and wake up and consider this all a bad dream.

Are you still in good with Marion or has your romance gone on the rocks?

Well Flo is still waiting for me and says she will still be there until I come home. From what she writes it must be plenty lonely back there for the girls we left behind.

It seems like years and years ago doesn’t it, and then again only like yesterday since we spent a vacation at Bemidji. I often times think about all the fun we used to have. My dad sent me pictures of the Casino at Spring park and also a picture of the band, and it sure brought back a lot of memories I mean to tell you.

Well Dip at present they have me in a rest camp for a period of relaxation and so I’m enjoying a bit of civil life for a while. It is in an English speaking country and the money is in pounds and shillings but it doesn’t take long to catch on to their exchange. Well bud I can’t think of much more to write about so guess I’ll close for now, but don’t wait too long to answer, I believe you owe me some letters by now.

So be good until we meet again.

Always your buddy


P.F.C. Ralph C. Peterson U.S.M.C.

Co. B 1st Bn 18th Marines

2 Mar. Div.

C/O Fleet Post Office

San Fransisco, California

Christian Olsen