February 12, 1943 (Edna Alquist)


Lincoln’s Birthday

23:00 o’clock

Dear Dorance

It’s pretty late, but I’ve just got to write a few lines before I go to bed. Received your nice long letter to-day. Gee, you sure sound like the busiest guy I know. Hope your sore throat didn’t develop into anything serious.

We are going to Austin tomorrow to see Dot’s new home, and them too. Awfully anxious to get down there again. We are taking the bus down, as the roads are pretty slippery. We had a storm last Monday evening that really covered everything with a coat of ice, and then we are saving the gas, as a trip down there would take our month’s rations. When the weather gets warmer we are going down again some Sunday, with Esther & Elmer, Grandma and the girls. Would rather drive then.

I was at Birdie Christianson’s today to a party. Don’t know how long we’ll be able to have parties, but we still have one now & then. After all it takes our minds off the troubled lines for a little while. Now we’ve got shoe rationing too. Won’t make any difference to me. I don’t buy three pairs of shoes a year. Guess I’m easy on shoes. Food rationing won’t hurt us either, I’m sure.

Do you still get a Sergeant’s pay? Daddy seems to think all candidates get the same pay regardless of rank. How about your income tax? Understand you’ll have to pay one, same as anyone else.

Will write you again soon and tell you about our trip. Hope you got my little Valentine. Wasn’t much. Hope you’re feeling swell.

Love, Mother.

Christian Olsen