January 9, 1943


Jan. 9, 1942

Dear Folksies:

Well – I’m now in the home stretch. Next week is the last one – finals all week & graduation on Saturday. They’ve thrown so much at us in these last three weeks, & I’m now in such a mental muddle, that I wonder if I can get straightened out enough to take the exams. Hope so.

It is now 7:30 P.M. & just got thru knocking off 4 solid hours of good ol shut-eye. Boy did I need it. I haven’t been to bed before 11:30 or 12:00 since I started. Feel pretty chipper at the moment after the snooze.

This school business is getting more interesting all the time. I’ve really got my fingers crossed for that chance to go to Sill. However – don’t be disappointed if I don’t get that chance because this school here is getting pretty rough on their marking finals. The competition is pretty keen too. There are a lot of men in my class here who have had experience in survey, instruments, & communications. These naturally are some of the most important phases of Field Artillery.

Seems good to hear about all that snow you’re having up there now. It has tried to snow a couple times down here these last few days but it’s just too warm I guess. I’d just give anything to get on a pair of skis again. It looks now as if it will be a long time ‘till I get that chance again – darn it.

How is Daddy’s eye these days? Evidently he must be okay seeing that he’s still doing a lot of ice-fishing. Hey pop! – are you still using the technique of lining the hole with peas & then standing close by with a club? Or do you feed em a bottle of beer – should have the same effect.

What did I do New Years Eve? O I studied up to about 8 P.M. & then dressed in my best brown herring-bone tweed suit & slipped into our swank cadre-club next door. I had a pretty fair time at that, dancing & sipping a few Budweisers. Would rather have been at the Radisson in the Viking Room with the Kins.

Well before I get on another page I must get back to the books so if you’ll excuse me I’ll say good night.

All my love,

Sgt. Dorance

Christian Olsen