January 27, 1943 (Edna Alquist)


January 27th – 1943

Dear Dorance

Just heard Kate Smith say “If you don’t (write) you’re wrong” so guessed I’d better write. Got your word on Monday, also the two express packages, and have taken care of everything. Daddy is wondering if you still have the Sgt. in front of your name. He has an idea (don’t know where he got it) that you would be addressed as “candidate D.P.A.” By this time you no doubt have seen the sights and started school. Looked for a letter this morning from you. Hope mail will go thru faster from Ft. Sill than it did to Ft. Bragg. Seems so if it is more direct.

Had a telephone call from Joe Schaper. He was home for 48 hours, on his way to South Carolina. He got your address, so, no doubt, you’d hear from him soon. His address is,        Lt. Joseph Schaper

                                                                                                                                     309th Bombing Squadron

                                                                                                                                     Columbia, South Carolina


Said he didn’t know how long he’d be there. Guess he’s ready for active duty. Haven’t heard from anyone else so haven’t any news. Will get on the phone some of these days and gather up some for you.

My that seemed like a long time (Wed. to Sat.) to get to Sill. Must have been an awfully slow train. How about the scenery? Did you have a berth so you could rest comfortably?

Big night for the H.S. seniors tonight. Graduation. Mildred Wicklund (Elmer & Carol’s girl) is graduating from Central, Salutatorian of her class, and Ronald Perry (cousin Della’s boy) from South High.

We are fine and hope you are too. Will write again soon as we hear from you, so “happy studying” for now.

Love, Mother

Christian Olsen