July 8, 1942


July 8, 1942

10:45 p.m.

Hello Dippy –

Hope you caught the sweet musical tone in my writing. All’s forgiven. You can come home now.

I was previously warned that you were slow in writing Dippy, (nope, promised I wouldn’t tattle) so I was prepared. But---------------

Oh my trip to California was wonderful, but the excitement and glamour has worn off. Speaking of diving, Dip. We went swimming in an indoor pool right next to the ocean (Santa Cruz). This pool was filled with ocean water & was it hard, wow! It’s real salty and when we dived several times our “beans” (heads to you) were sorer than (I was when I didn’t get a letter from you). You must be quite a diver with all your practicing.


It’s been too cold here for any swimming. I’ve only gone once and that was out to Spring Park (no diving board).

Say, Dip, I’ve been golfing 3 times this year and I do show some improvement over last year’s game. This Saturday, Gamble’s are having a golf tournament, and if I fare all right for myself, I’ll drop you the lowdown. (If I’m not too low down)(oh dear, isn’t that awful). You see Dip, it’s 11:00 p.m. and I’m a little sleepy.

Three weeks ago last week-end 22 girls had a cottage party at Janet Merrill Park and Gee! We had fun. Oh yes, we had a tennis tournament and Mickey L. Stensrud was champ. And guess who was runner-up. (Yours truly) that’s me. Mick won two balls & I won one. (dbl. talk) We played baseball & ping-pong & had loads of fun.


Bet that raise in pay seems wonderful. What do you do with it all. Just think no board, carfare, or clothing. Sounds like a perfect set-up. I could do very nicely with a $12 raise. But I ‘spose the Army has it’s drawbacks. (that’s drawbacks, not swaybacks) That one calls for lights out.

It is now 11:15

Gotta get up early & paint my stockings on.

Goodnight Dip –

As Ever,



I won a beer playing golf tonite. (from a girl at work)

Christian Olsen