August 9, 1942 (Marion Sneen)


August 9, 1942

D.D. (abbrev.)

I’m not saying one word about your so-called “mood.”

Sure, I’d love to go swimming.

And yes, I think I’ll like your “mohair” coiffure. (or should I say no mo hair?) Whoops, it’s the “mood” I’m in. By the way Dip, I got a Cherub-Curl-Cut (fancy haircut) $2.00’s worth. My friends (?) say I look more like a chow than a Cherub. But it is cool. (isn’t it?)

Gosh, I’ve been neglecting my golf game the last couple four, five weeks. It’s like pulling teeth to get any of the girls on a course (unless, of course, one has a car) Oh yes, Dad’s got a car, but he doesn’t seem to give a d--- (whoops, almost said darn) hoot whether I play golf & stay young, or play bridge & age with the rest of the married ladies.


Say Dippy, Mickey said I should bawl you out proper for not writing to her so __________ I said how can I bawl him out good & still be proper. So write, will ya? (How’s that?)

I now am a student of Mpls. Business College (night school) Brushing up on my shorthand and wow! Do they travel fast. Takes all my spare time studying. What with all these weddings coming off, don’t see how I’ll keep up the pace. Vi Seablom is being married Tuesday. Jayce Swanson September 5th and Jerry Lucht in the early part of October.

This is an ee-nish-ee-ation of my new stationary and Dippy, I could go on writing forever but there’s only one sheet of paper to an envelope so I’ll have to stop soon.

Now, in fact. You see my sister & brother-in-law have come to visit me. So – so-long until next time.


Christian Olsen