May 26, 1942


May 26, 1942

Dear Mom & Dad:

Time: Bob Hope time – 10 P.M. Place: Hdqts. barracks day-room Physical Condition: Good health. Mental Condition: In a happy mood but a bit tired. Well I guess that ought to give you the complete setting now I’ll start the letter.

This is the first letter I’ve written in about a week. I just haven’t been in the mood. Can’t say as I’ve been too busy, although, I’ve managed to fill all my spare moments with some kind of activity. Oh well. I’ll have lots of time to write next weekend because I’m too broke to go anywhere. George and Ed are broke too so I’ll have company. T’will be the first weekend in for quite some time.

Last week we took off for Lumberton. Saturday night we took in a dance at the U.S.O. Club there. Their club just opened last Saturday & that was the first dance. It was really a success - lots of fine gals. I’m “in” with Mr. Foley the man who manages the Lumberton U.S.O. because he happens to be a Mpls. man. In fact he lives close to the house – 34th & M’haha Pkwy. Do you know him? Mr. Foley did all right for us on sleeping facilities too, for Sat. night. He made arrangements for us to sleep at a young priests’ house. I guess you’d call it a Friary. His house was very humbly made but very spacious & comfortable. It was designed like an old stone castle. We slept very well & woke up to a bacon & eggs breakfast. Lentoni went to his church to show our gratitude, & George & I went to a nearby Methodists’ church. The minister of the Meth. church invited us to take dinner with him but we refused because we were afraid of getting just too religious. Boy we certainly make a hit with the churchmen. We were back in Bragg by 9 P.M. on Sunday nite.


Still keeping busy on the job at Hdqts. Typing’s improving a little. No recent promotions. Have been playing tennis a bit & also have been playing catch for exercise. Am now reading David Copperfield – a very large volume – don’t know when or if I’ll finish it.

How’s your cold, Mamma? By now it should be completely gone. Or maybe Daddy has it now. Was surprised to hear it’s so cold there. We have it very warm down here – never wear a jacket or blouse anymore. The swimming season is definitely on.


I’m sending you a money order for ten (10) bucks. I’ll try to send about (20) more after payday (next Monday) Kinda guess my civilian insurance is going to fall due sometime in July. The money is for that. Let me know if it’s more & when it’s due.

Right now I’m gonna retire. I’ll try to dream about you all. G’night.

Love, Dorance

Christian Olsen