March 14, 1942 (Marion Sneen)


3:59 5/60 P.M. Saturday

Good Afternoon Dip –

Thanx for the <dippy letter> letter, Dippy. I’m still laughing (cousin just told me a joke). No kidding, it was cute or nice or something. Anyway I liked it.

Just got back from bowling in a Gamble mixed office tournament. My scores were terrible. 147 – 97 & 104. Our team lost the first two games & won the last (through no fault of my own). We bowled at some new bowling alleys “Lilacs Lanes” in St. Louis Park.

Wouldn’t you know I’d come home with a prize. The cutest rubber ball with a little boy’s (I hope it’s a boy) face on it. I won it for sliding down the alley the farthest. Tripped on my slacks and slid a good eight feet.

You know what? Well, last Tuesday was the last game for our Gamble Girls tournament and Marion, that’s me, bowled 170. That middle figure is a seven, not a two. Then I dropped down to 140. My highest average of the whole year and all previous years!

Say, about your confidential chat, - Stay your distance there, Brother – I could be a typical Southern Belle and say “I don’t get it.” But, I do & I will. How’s that for retaliation? Thought it over for 45 minutes (playing hard to get).


While I think of it, Dippy, Hope you come before May 1st. Cause Dorothy and I are planning on a quick jaunt south, California, to be exact.

Your camp really sounds like something to Bragg about. Say during your 13 wks training did you get it in the neck or pants. I want to know. That part of your letter left me in a state of dubiosity. (Little word I dug up)

You got a nice birthday gift didn’t you, Corp., Gee. That’s swell. Just imagine, you a Corporal and I’m still a ‘pedestrian.’ You with $54 a month, and me? Well, I’ll stay a ‘pedestrian.’

Your jokes were swell. I don’t know many at the present but I just got three reading an article by Bob Hope and here are a few excerpts:

“The whole thing about me chasing Madeleine Carroll around started with a gag. She was the one that gagged.”

“I asked her for a date & she said she had a date with three soldiers. So I asked her what those guys got that I wouldn’t like to have.”

“The night of the blackout after everything went dark I thought it would be fun to play post office with my favorite blond. Know what she gave me? A defense stamp – right on my bunion.”

Hope you haven’t read the same article.

I was vaccinated for small-pox, Monday. (What’s that got to do with what I was saying)

Well, Dip sorry I must close. Gotta study hard. Gonna have a blood test Monday.

For name of writer refer to printed name on page 1.

As Ever – M.J.S.

Christian Olsen