February 6, 1942


Fri. Feb. 6, 1942

Dear Folks:

I got your letter today, & you said you hadn’t heard from me for ten days so I thought I’d better knock one out to you pronto. Can’t understand why you hadn’t heard more recently though, cuz I wrote you last weekend. Maybe the mail is slow as usual.

Well how are you both? Hope you are as well as myself. I felt a cold coming on yesterday, but today I’m O.K. so I guess I warded it off. My resistance is up I guess – it must be the regular hours we keep around these parts. I took a couple of anacins too, just to help things a bit. I read Cedric Adams suggestion for checking colds in last Sunday’s paper. He says – bend down & touch your toes with your fingertips three times & on the third time linger about long enough to tie a shoelace. I tried that too – maybe it works, who knows. I wasn’t wasting my energy any way you look at it, cuz I needed the exercise anyway.

Don’t know any more about my furlough than I did before. I probably won’t know I’m getting one ‘till the day before I leave – that’s the way they do things around here. I have the money so I’m ready anytime. I’ll just hop a train & wire you when I get to Milwaukee like I did last time. I’m going to put in for 10 days, starting the 18th but don’t make any plans because it’s too uncertain. Don’t expect me until you get a telegram.

Thanks for letting me know about Bob’s being in the hospital. Ardel had already written me tho to let me know about it. She wanted me to go over & cheer him up. Haven’t had a chance yet but I am going over tomorrow night.

I thought I had a date cinched in Lumberton this weekend, but no such luck. The girl, Mary Lee Taylor, is going to her sister’s home for a visit over the weekend – the sister lives in Augusta, Ga. She seemed very sincere when she said she was sorry she couldn’t see me this Sat. nite, so maybe Alquist will try to swing a deal for next week. Haven’t had a real date down here yet so I’m anxious for this one to pan out.

Sorry to hear you haven’t any snow up there – what’s the trouble – weather too warm? Gee, you better have some for my homecoming because I’m planning on some skiing. T’was nice of Miss Dye to order some for me – didn’t know I was such an influential member of the club. Thanks for the ski-news, I enjoyed it very much.

So Burt Platt is being drafted – another fellow taken away from a job he’s just starting to get his roots into. Too bad for Burt – I’ll bet he’s pretty blue about it. I think he’ll do all right in the Army though because he’s the type of guy that can adjust himself readily – that’s what it takes.

Tell Daddy not to walk around with a guilty conscience when he wears my coat – he’s got my permission. That is if I can wear his coat, ties, couple shirts, & car when I come home on furlough. Say fella – how’s the ice fishing? Or isn’t there any ice either.

Well I’m about to sign off so I’d better say goodbye before I seal this thing up and mail it. So long. See you soon (I hope).

Love, Dorance

Christian Olsen