March 2, 1942 (Marion Sneen)


3943 Nokomis Ave. So.


March 2, 1942

Morning Dip!-

Have been thinking of writing to you for quite some time so Dorothy got your address from Rollie and here I go.

Hope you like it where you are. I never hear anything about you any more, Dip, guess all your corresponding friends are in Service too.

We girls are really learning to appreciate our few and far between dates. Dorothy & I are taking a course in First Aid, sponsored by Red Cross. Gee! There certainly is a lot one has to know for first aid treatment. We have to go every Friday for two hours for ten weeks. There are thirty-four girls in our class and we met meet in the Nicollet. {Hope you don’t mind crossouts. We have to save paper for defense, you know.}

Am I the first to tell you that Marian Lueck is in the hospital? She was operated on for apendacitis (sp?). The Dr. said it was an acute case, but she seems to be getting along just fine. She had never been bothered with them before, and as soon as they took her to the hospital they had to operate right away. So I guess one can never tell.


We had a nice snowfall last night for the first time in approx. two months I guess. You aren’t missing any skiing this year, Dip. That should be some consolation. (I read in the papers, when writing to soldiers, to try to look always on the bright side) How’m I doing?

Say, I’ve been wondering if the boys call you “Dippy” down there (or haven’t they gotten to know you well enuf) or do they call you “Dorance.” It’s really a very nice name (It says here.)

Did you know Ralph Hall and Mary Peterson are getting married this month. She’s having a large wedding with Joyce Swanson as maid of honor and Mildred Bastrom as one of her bridesmaids. It should be a very beautiful wedding.

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Well, Dippy, guess I’ve rambled on enough. If, perchance you have an hour or two to spare, drop me a line.

Thanks for the Christmas card, it was a good excuse for my writing this letter.


Marion Sneen (remember?)



Gosh! Forgot what I was gonna write here.

Miss Marion Sneen

Miss Marion Sneen

Christian Olsen