February 23, 1942


Tues. Feb. 23, 1942

Dear Mom & Dad:

I’m writing from my bunk tonight so the penmanship is really going to be scribbly. It’s snowing out tonight, one of those wet blizzards like we used to have in the fall up in Mpls., so I decided to stick close to the fire tonight instead of seeking the usual writing comforts of the Service Club. This is our first snow down here & the boys are having a big time throwing snowballs here in the barracks. A while ago I was lying on my bunk just relaxing & about 4 of my pals? Wrapped me up with a blanket & deposited me (not too gently) out in the middle of the storm on the cold slushy ground. They just haven’t any manners at all around here.

Not much news to tell you – I’ve been working as hard as ever at Hdqts. I’ve even done some night work because we’ve been so busy. Everything has been stepped up & this creates palenty of work for us.

Last weekend 4 of us went to Raleigh to take in the basketball game between Wake Forest & N.C. State College. We got by during the two days, pretty cheaply & had a swell time too. We hitch-hiked up there -  took us about 4 hours to travel the 90 miles – rides were scarce.


We took in the basketball game for free, & afterwards took a bus downtown to the auditorium. There, we talked our way into a Wake Forest fraternity formal dance – that is, we got into the balcony to watch the dancers & listen to the music. It was a restricted dance so we couldn’t do any dancing, but it was worthwhile just to listen to the sweet music of Frankie Masters. (It’s after 9 & the lights are out in the squad-room so I’m spilling the rest of this ink while sitting on the biffy) Sat. Night we slept free of charge at the U.S.O. Club in Raleigh. They gave us breakfast in the morning too – pretty nice, eh? We spent Sunday touring the N.C. State College campus & the N.C. Capitol. Took a bus back to Bragg at about 5:30 P.M. Lots of fun & very little money spent.


I wrote a letter to Dot & Arlo tonight & thanked then again for the candy & cookies she sent me. You see I did write & thank them before. In fact I sat down & wrote her the same nite I received the package so you see I’m not quite as thoughtless as you thought I was. Haven’t had a letter from Dot since way before she sent the cookies so you’d better get after her.

About the insurance I took out – I’m glad you got the policy O.K. for I was worried about it. It costs me $3.35 a month – they take it from my pay before I get it so I don’t mind it so much.

I’ve had letters from Schaper, Lee & Rolie. Schaper & Lee are still in Trenton, N.J. (or were when they last wrote) but are expecting anything to happen. Rolie is in the hospital at Great Lakes Tng. Station. He’s been in for a couple weeks now, a slight case of pneumonia. He says they intend to operate & take out his tonsils too now, so he expects to remain there for another month.

I also got a very nice letter from Mrs. L.K. Stensrud (Mickey). I guess she’s doing her part by writing all of the boys & keeping them posted on all the dirt from home. She surely is the tops.

I’ll try to get that furlough sometime after the 1st – don’t know just when but keep your fingers crossed.

Gotta go to bed now so good night.

Love Dorance

Christian Olsen