January 5, 1942


Recreation Hall 8th. Batt.

January 5th. 1942


Dear Mom. And Dad:

Can you imagine – I’m not writing from the good ol’ service club tonight. Instead I’m at the battalion rec. hall. They have table-tennis here – that’s the big attraction. Lately Dietrich and myself have been coming here every night for a game or two. We just finish[ed] about eight or nine games. He’s a whiz at the game, but lately I’ve been giving him more competition than at first.

I guess this is the first letter I’ve typed to you, isn’t it? Pardon all the mistakes – I know there plenty numerous, but I a guy who has to practice on someone. This typewriter isn’t exactly the best either. Every once in a while it will skip a line like it did above. I typed one to Dot and one to Swanny last week. After a while when I work up some speed, it will save a lot of time on my letter writing and maybe come in handy at the office. So please bear with me.

I’m fine and everything is hunky-dory down here. Still at Regt. Hdqt. and I like the job. Nothing much in the line of news has happened lately except New Year’s Eve. I really had a rousing good time – thrilling is the word for it. I was on Charge of Quarters that night. I slept right thru the magic hour for the first time, I think, in my life. Most of the other fellows went out and came back with large heads the next morning, so I guess it’s just as well I didn’t go with them. It wasn’t much of a holiday all around, for we didn’t get Thur. off even. The War Dept. said no the last minute.

This last weekend we were going on a little trip to Raleigh but it rained all day Sat. so we didn’t dare start out. (There it skipped again.) We are planning to take that same trip next weekend. Haven’t been out of the camp, except for an occasional trip to Fayetteville, for over a month.

Glad to hear that you had such a nice time over Xmas and that you liked your presents. You asked me what I heard from Marion. She sent me a novel wrist band with her’s and my initials engraved on it. It’s kind of a good luck momentum. Yes we are still corresponding – But definitely.

I received a slew of Christmas cards from all of my pals and even some gals. Got one from Janette Davidson too – followed by a letter. I must write her soon.

Bob Coll is back in camp again, and came over to see me yesterday. We chatted all morning. It was almost like being on furlough myself – just hearing all about the folks back home. Must have forgotten to give me the mail you sent along tho cuz he didn’t mention it. I have to go over tomorrow and get it I guess.

Will send you some pictures as soon as I get some I’ve taken enlarged. Had completely forgotten about ensignia. Sorry – I’ll try to send them soon too.

Would you mind sending me a little somethin’ too. I could use my tri-pod to good advantage here. Also, if you can find it, please send my portrait-attachment lens.

That is about all of the business we can do for the present, so good-by for a few days. Write again soon. Thanking you in advance for the supplies, I remain,

With Love,

Dorance P. Alquist

Private U.S.A.

Christian Olsen