September 24, 1941


Wed. 6:00 P.M., 9-24-41

Dear Mom & Dad:

Hello, & how’s everything & everyone? Fine, I hope. I’m still O.K. & out drilling & cannoneering by the numbers every day. That phrase “by the numbers” is quite popular down here cuz that’s the way everything is done down here – hut! Two! Threep! Four! Well, I promised you another letter in which I’d answer some of your questions – so here goes.


You wanted to know about the weather down here. In the daytime it’s still plenty hot – about 90°. At night, however, it cools off considerably so that a wool blanket feels pretty good. We usually start off the night with just a sheet. Then at about midnight we reach for the first blanket, and sometimes at 3 or 4 A.M. we make a grab for the second blanket. We were plenty fortunate in having nice warm nights while we were camping out by the seashore. It certainly doesn’t seem like fall down here. The first time I really became aware of the fact was last nite. I was listening to the radio here in the barracks when they started giving a lot of football news on a sports program. When they announced that Minn. was playing Wash. next Saturday I could hardly believe my ears. Boy it just doesn’t seem right – why I’ll bet the leaves are starting to turn all different colors up there.

Bob Coll didn’t have his car sent down to him. He is going to bring it back with him when he goes home on furlough if it is possible. I think he & I will get our furloughs at about the same time – in about a month.

You asked if they furnished this stationary in the Service Club. I should say not – we have to pay for every little thing like that out of our measly 21 bucks a day – once a month. You don’t get nothin’ for nothin’ around here. Some of the boys have an awful time making both ends meet on their skimpy salary but I’m not doing so bad. I’ve only been paid once & that was last Sept. 1 when I got $30.30. At the time I got paid I owed $1.50 which I had borrowed to go to town over labor day. Well I paid that off, bought a show ticket ($1.40)(10 shows), bought a bus ticket $1.20 (6 rides to & from Fayatteville), and sent a money order home for the amount of $15.00. I still have $7.00 left until next payday – not bad eh? I’m going to save as much of that as possible because it’s going to cost me a young fortune to come home on furlough. By the way let me know as soon as possible if you received my money order. I might send another one next month, then when I get set to come home I’ll send for the works. It will cost a lot to get home but I can’t think of a better way to spend my money.

Please don’t write about having baked potatoes & baked pork chops. I haven’t had a smell of a porkchop since I’ve been here so it kind of does something to me. If you recall, that was my favorite meal. Our chow isn’t so bad & it’s getting better but it still isn’t exactly home cooking.

Dot tells me you all had a good time at the State Fair. I’ll bet you did & I wish I’d been there too. It’s the first Fair I’ve missed for a long long time. I was surprised to hear that Dorothy has hayfever. Don’t see how she could have contracted that when she’s never had it before. Sure hope they get an early frost in Austin. By the way, I sent them a card of congratulations on their first anniversary. I sent it this morning – hope it gets there on time. I spose maybe you will be going down to Austin to help them celebrate. Guess maybe it’s been a pretty happy year for the both of them.

Daddy – how’s your troublesome finger? That must be a tough pill to swallow – not being able to play golf, or bowl with the boys this winter. Maybe it’s just temporary and will be all right again soon. It better clear up by golf time next spring or you’ll be really hurtin’. Hope it’s not arthritis anyhow.

I’m going to write Elain next – tonite if possible. She wrote me a swell letter about 3 weeks ago & I haven’t got around to answering it yet. Hope she isn’t too angry at me.

So, good by & take care of yourselves. I’ll answer your next letter the same day I get it – I promise.

Your loving son,


Christian Olsen