Christmas cards!

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Dear Dorance

Not having been a soldier I didn’t know what to get you for a little xmas gift. Thought of some more films but expect by this time they won’t allow you to take pictures. So am just enclosing a couple bucks, your ma & pa say your crazy about ice cream so go buy yourself a couple gallons.

Well kid looks like your dad and I will be down to join you some of these days, see they passed the bill today to draft men up to 55 so guess that means us to.

Going over to your house xmas eve and have turkey your dad won at the Shrine Club last Saturday night. Will be thinking of you and wishing you a Merry Christmas.



Dear Dorance,

I just got through making Xmas cookies I sure would like to send you some but I know they would be broken long before they got to you because they are the butter cookies & they break so easily.

Well Dorance I hope you get some nice things for Xmas because you and all the boys are so deserving.

Well I’ll close with a Very Merry Xmas Soldier.

Yours Truly



Dear Dip,

Hello! And a Merry Christmas to you.

I can’t imagine how our Christmas here is going to be without you, but we’ll try to make the best of a “bad deal”!

I suppose your mother wrote to you about Grandma hurting her leg. We hope that she’ll be up for Christmas. It’s really hard on someone, who happens to have stayed so spry all these years, to be pinned down.

The other evening I stopped at your house to borrow you mother’s opera glasses for the Apollo Club concert at the Lyceum - who should be there but Rolly Iverson. He told me that he had enlisted in the Navy & would leave sometime in January. (The concert was swell. Helen Jepson sang. Besides having a beautiful voice, she has a wonderful personality)

Here’s a tip! Santa is on the way. Keep your eyes open for packages from way back home.

Please wish Bob a very Merry Christmas for me. Tell him to be good too. (His father has been quite worried – I’ve been to see him about a watch – sh! For Dad). Love, from your favorite cousin be the name of Elaine (also from Virgy)

Christian Olsen