December 1, 1941

M.C. + H.N.!

Mon. 7:30 P.M., 12/1/41

Dear Folks:

Please pardon the scimpy letter again but tomorrow is payday & then maybe I can afford to buy some stamps. I guess the main thing is to let you know I’m still all right. Yes I’m feeling swell now but that cold certainly turned out to be a beaner. Felt pretty rotten over the weekend but it didn’t matter so much because I was flat broke & had no plans. I saw “Birth of the Blues” with Bing C[rosby]. last nite – A.A.A. Tonite I must do a little reading after I hit the bottom of this card. I’m in the midst of “Forgive Us Our Trespasses” by Lloyd D[ouglass]. I went to church yesterday, in fact, I’ve been to church every Sun. for the last two weeks. You see I haven’t forgotten my upbringing. Well, good-by for a couple days. Write soon.

-Dorance P.

Christian Olsen