November 23, 1941


Sun. 1 P.M., 11/23/41

Hello Folks:

Just felt like saying hello, so I’m just dropping a little ol’ card. I went to church this morning, & right now I feel pretty pure. We have a new chapel here – not too pretentious but very nice for army. It’s rather rainy & damp today so I’m going to stay here in my snug little room & write letters & read. I’m reading “Forgive Us Our Trespasses” by Lloyd Douglas – good book. Fellow told me at chow this noon that Minn. beat Wis. Boy that’s good news. I’ll get your paper Tues. & read all about it then. Did you have a big Thanksgiving get-together as usual? We had a real feast here that day. I’ll write a letter as soon as I hear from you.

Adios, Dorance

Christian Olsen