November 14, 1941

Fri. 6:00 P.M., 11/14/41

Dear Folks:

I am in receipt of your letter of Nov. 8th, & also last week’s Star Journal. In both cases, contents were noted & approved. Glad to see that everything is going along swell in the Alquist residence. Things are still O.K. here too. Nothing exciting has happened lately so there really isn’t too much to write about.

You questioned me about the weather down here so here’s the dope on it. Today & yesterday have been quite warm both day & night – about 75° in the day & 60° at night. But the first of this week was pretty cold. It’s odd weather because there is so much difference between the days & nights. Mon. & Tues. we woke up to find a light frost on the roofs & on the ground so you can imagine how cold it gets here at night. It always warms up in the daytime, however, so we are still walking around in our woolen shirts. We have been issued spiffy gabardine jackets to wear these chilly nights.


Feels good to wear them down to chow in the morning because at 6:30 A.M. it’s usually plenty cool. We have very little rain. When we do get rain it comes down in torrents & then lets up & the sun comes out. Never yet have we had a cloudy drizzly day like we often get up in Minnesota. It’s sunny almost all the time down here.

I guess maybe while I’m writing this you are already in Iowa for the big game. Give those Golden Gophers my support too – I’d hate to see them drop one now after such a splendid record. They didn’t do so well against No. West. So I’ll bet they’re just about steamed up to give Iowa a real trimming. When you drop in on Dot & Arlo, give them my love & best regards. Tell them I will write them a letter in a couple of days.

Sykes is kind of sticking his neck out isn’t he. He wrote me & told me all about it. He should go over big with those grass skirts down in Honolulu.

I’m finishing this letter in the morning & it’s time to go to work. So good by – see you all around Christmas, I hope.



Christian Olsen